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Cedar City is a full service community with a large assortment of lodging venues. Follow the link below for a complete list of hotels and lodging options in Cedar City.

Course Description

50k actual distance is 32.4 and the 25k actual distance is 16.5 miles. Leave Veterans Ballpark out the North side of the parking lot take a right onto E 275 N go .1 miles.  Turn left on N Highland Drive, then immediately turn right onto E Rainbow Canyon Circle. In .1 Miles run through the dead end of the pavement and onto the trails. Follow the flagging up the wash for .5 miles up the short climb to the spine trail, Take a right continuing south until reaching the bottom of the knife edge ridge, take a hard 180 degree turn and head back north up the wash for approximately 1 mile until you hit the gravel road. At the gravel road turn right and head up the road .25 to the Thunderbird Gardens trail head. At the trailhead head up the main trail .2 miles. Take a left up the Lightning Switch trail, follow the trail for several miles until you reach the Ghost Flats Trail, turn right on Ghost Flats trail down the mountain until it merges into the Thor’s Hideout trail. Go left on to Thor’s Hideout and follow it to a saddle, continue through the saddle south down the Red Hollow trail until it meets State Highway 14 at the Red Hollow Aid station. Cross Hwy 14 (traffic will not be stopped and runners will be responsible for their own safety as the cross Hwy 14)  merge onto the paved bike path following it .9 M to West Canyon View Park.  At the Park turn left and continue on the paved path another 1.2 miles. Take a left heading up the C-Trail 4.2 miles to the top. 25K runners will climb 1.5 miles up the C-Trail turn around and retrace their steps and finish at West Canyon View Park.  Collect what you would like from your drop bags at the C-Trail aid station, then turn around and head back down the C-Trail in 1.9 miles turn left onto the Highlands Trial follow for 1.5 miles to the Highlands/Green Hollow Aid station. From the aid station head down the Green Hollow trail another 2 miles take a left onto the Boulder Dash trail follow it to the Lava Flow trail, turn left on to Lava Flow trail run down to the Lichen It trail and continue on and up to the Green Hollow trail junction. Take a left and retrace your steps back through the Highlands/Green Hollow Aid station to the C-Trail, take a left and head down the trail to the paved trail and back to the Finish line at West Canyon View Park!

Course Maps