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Elevation gain: 7000 Feet
Avg Finishing Time: 7 hours
Price: $70
Elevation gain: 3600 Feet
Avg Finishing Time: 4 hours
Price: $35

October 17, 2020


This course is located on the mountains overlooking Cedar City, Utah. The actual Distance is 32.4 miles.  The course starts at 5880 feet and runs through beautiful red rock canyons, Pinyon Pine, and Juniper forests to a breathtaking 8250 feet all the while showing off the beautiful fall colors of southern Utah! Start by heading into the foothills through narrow braided washes and up sharp ridges heading into the Thunderbird Gardens. Here, continue on the single track and take on the first of two challenging climbs, loop down the ridge and into the red rock canyons. Exit the canyons and run along the Coal Creek bike path until coming to the prize climb of the race! Climb 2,271 feet to the top of Lone Tree Mountain and take in the stunning views before heading out across the flats through valleys past beautiful cliffs out to the far end of the course. Once you are at the end head back north and enjoy the downhill.  

About Doomsday Racing

Doomsday Racing is a nonprofit organization with a passion for making a difference to those in need around the world and running. We have incorporated these two things into one idea, all proceeds from the races we organize go to fund humanitarian efforts around the world. So please come partner with us as we change the world one mile at a time!

Feel free to contact us with any questions about our mission!